Wall Of Noise Facebook Profile

Specialist Practise

I have mocked up a Facebook profile, how it would look on a computer screen. I have come up with a few different layouts for the cover photos to find ones the could help expand the identity of the brand over social media. The profile picture is the logo without text, this will make it easier for the users to find the company when searching for it. With this bold and just black and white logo it will also be memorable for users across the Facebook platform. This will remain the same across other social media platforms to keep the brand consistent and noticeable. I have added standard pages; “About Us’, “Photos” and “Contact Us”. I have also added “Merchandise”, as it is my extra application within this project, this helps to keep my work convincing and consistent.

I decided to use the logo with the text on the cover photos as this will make clear who the page is, this also applies for if the image is shared by users. The cover photos stay relatively the same, changing design on the logo, but keeping the logo clear and the format the same – logo circle in the middle and text stays in the same place.


These two designs I chose not to use as they were too busy and made the page jarring to look at. They also drew attention from the logo itself and other aspects of the page.



Merchandise – Tote Bag Update

Specialist Practise

After changing the designs of the logo to keep it more consistent, I restyled the tote bags to arrangements that correspond with these changes. The products use variations of the two final logo designs, the logo on its own and the logo with text to the right.


Filthy Media Feedback

Specialist Practise

Joe specifies issues with the designs that I have been skeptical about myself, this has helped me pinpoint some of them and will keep the branding more consistent.Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 12.51.34

I am pleased with this feedback, however I feel the suggestion to reduce the kerning would take away from the aesthetic and balance of the logo, so I am making the conscious decision to keep this aspect the same. Below I am showing the differences between the kerning the type and the vertical lines in the logo slightly closer together. There is also a new business card design that I will mock up with the new letterhead.


New Stationary

Specialist Practise

After receiving crit from the classroom, I changed around some parts of the stationary.

The comments received were:

  • The top of the letterhead is slightly too large and bold.
  • The letterhead may use up too much ink.

I removed the black background, changed the logo colours and lined the logo text up with the body text to make the page work as a whole, I feel this works better as it is cleaner and looks more professional.

I created a mock up of the new stationary with added essentials.


Business Card and Letterhead Designs

Specialist Practise

I began designing the business cards using just the logo without the circular exterior. I used a gold embossed mock up and although it looked premium and professional, I felt it didn’t match how the client wanted the brand to come across.

I went on to experiment with the circular logo and the black and white theme. Leading to 3 possible fronts, varying with/without text and contrast. I tested a few ideas for the back, but settled with this final one I thought started to envisage the concept of the brand.

WNGoldMetallicBCardWNBCards-04WNBCards_Business Card 1WNBCards-03WNBCards-05

I proceeded to make letterhead designs that would work parallel to the business cards to start to build on the overall branding.

I tested different logo designs on the top and settled for one that combined to two. This worked well in consideration of the business card designs.


Mock up of both designs.


Logo Variation

Specialist Practise

In the first design I used styles from the last post to see if changing the logo around would work with other designs. I feel both of the logo variations are strong and could be used to promote the brand.

I have also constructed circular versions of the previous designs to display how the logo can be used in a circular format, in order to be consistent with the brief.


Logo Texture Test 2

Specialist Practise

I created a “Fresh” look by using a bold and vibrant colour palette associated with fresh and clean designs after my research through Pinterest. I played around with the display of the logo and its colour, keeping to the black and white as the background is loud. This kept the overall look of the logo clean.

I also used a photo I had taken of a bright pink flower to show how the logo can be used on entirely different colour palettes and still remain crisp and “cool”. In these designs I also changed the logo placing which could be used in different products, merchandise and promotional materials.