End Of Year Show 2017

Personal & Professional Studies

For the end of year show, we had to correspond with the 3rd years, who were creating the show. This was tricky as they hadn’t contacted us, until late February, so we were unsure of any details. Once communication had been initiated, we were firstly asked to fill in a biography and send images over for the brochure that would display everyones work. The questions and reply are evidenced in the email below:

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 09.44.10Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 09.44.23

After this we were asked to be on the college site at a particular time in order to take pictures for lanyards that we would have to wear as staff for the show.

Our class met at the ONCA one morning to see the gallery space and to give us a chance to think about the sort of work we wanted to display and how, e.g. print, video, sizing etc.

Our space was confirmed by the 3rd years as an A1 board each and a Dropbox folder was shared with everyone to be able to easily share their work. We had to design our boards with the work we wanted to show case, I chose to use a mix of projects both from university and personal ones I had been working on.


The next stage was to come in the day before the show opened and help with set up. The third years gave us measurements that would match their side of the gallery. We made sure of these measurements and used a level to see to it that each piece was straight. Velcro tacks were then placed on each corner and the piece was applied to the wall.

Myself and two other students were requested to design and paint a window display, we had many ideas, but our time frame was 10am – 2pm the following day before the show opened for it’s private view. We kept with the Glitch show branding and decided to display the logo on the window. We used poster paints as they could be easily removed when the show ended and wouldn’t leave marks not the surface.

We created stencils and cut them with a scalpel then masking taped them to the window, thinly painted the first layer so it wouldn’t get underneath the stencil and allowed to dry. However when we went to put on the second layer, we had to use much more paint as the first layer would just scratch off, we had to clean up the edges because of this. We taped a banner above and below the logo to to coincide with the Glitch theme and off set the logo to do the same.

Had we little more pre-production time for this task, the display may have been more creative, but everyone, ourselves included, were pleased with the result.

Once the private view had started, we spoke to fellow students in the 3rd year about the tasks of creating the show and mingled with the guests.

This experience has brought to light many things I would like to address when planning the show with my year in the future.

  • Engaging with the 2nd years at the beginning of the year as communication is essential and to ensure everyone is understanding of their roles
  • Looking for other potential gallery spaces that have enough space for both student work and possible sponsorship adverts.
  • Making sure plenty of design companies and artists/designers, both local and further a field, are invited to the private view and public days.

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