Portfolio Design

Personal & Professional Studies

I decided to use InDesign to create my portfolio. I have a little experience with it, but is an area that I wanted to improve on, especially as a skill I could professionally use. I watched a few online tutorials to re-cap the basics and after creating the first couple page designs I got the hang of it. As I created my CV and business cards in the same style, I wanted the theme to correspond for my portfolio. I kept an initial theme throughout the booklet, such as the placement of the titles and body text and made sure each page displayed my work, but also kept the theme running. Used in combination with the CV and business card, I feel this would be a very exciting package to receive.

If I were to get this printed, I would use the same perforated “package” idea for the booklet also. The next thing I would have to think about is how I would display them all together, perhaps in a thin box, or perforating the top edge on all of them together to ensure they stay as a unit, this way they could get opened at the same stage.



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