My CV Design

Personal & Professional Studies

After researching CV’s that are relevant for the field, I wrote down softwares, skills, education and experiences I could use in my own CV and designed it in my own style. I used the pattern I created to border the bottom edge of the page and used shapes from it to cover the white space around the logo and bring the page together, I also used these shapes to show my strengths in the softwares I used. I designed the layout so the paper could be folded into thirds along the width and different sizes length wise so it could tuck inside itself (examples are in sketchbook). I designed the paper to be printed double sided, I tried this using the pattern, but I thought that it would show through as it would be half way up the page at the back. I just used the shapes on the final version and changed the placement and font of “Curriculum Vitae”.


Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 13.02.36




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