CV – Packaging

Personal & Professional Studies

As part of the idea of selling my skills as a package I want to encase the items, my cv, portfolio and business card so it turns the task of reading a CV or portfolio into an experience, making it more memorable and creates a better chance of landing a job.

These are examples of printed items that have been packaged in a similar way, all using a see through material that showcases the content before it’s even opened.


This one uses a slip in folder with one open end, I feel this wouldn’t be practical as some information might get lost.


I like this envelope design as it prints the bright pattern directly on to the envelope and uses a sticker of the same colour to secure it.


This wedding invite shows a way in which the packet can be securely closed and then opened again with the use of thread, machined on each side. If I were to use this technique, I would be able to showcase another of my talents and passions – sewing. Bringing across my other skills is something I’ve tried to highlight in my CV also.


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