CV Research – Extended

Personal & Professional Studies

After looking into different design CV’s, I started looking at how I could create my own personally branded “package”. I snooped Pinterest and found these various ways of displaying information through folding, I really like this first one and the use of multiple layers of paper and information, however with the time frame I have, getting all of these things together may prove difficult.

The second version of a double sided printed paper folded along the edges to mimic the design proves much more of a simple solution that could be replicated many times over.

The 3rd design is an idea for folding lots of information away into a small space, such as a matchbox, or a similar sizing.

The last design holds the cv and the business card together, but with the use of a rip-able perforated line that separates them in order to keep the designers info handy or for sharing with others etc.



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