CV Research

Personal & Professional Studies

I started this project by researching existing CV’s, I found that along with using their own personal style as a touch to gain attention, some people branded themselves as a package, creating an intriguing twist instead of just an ordinary CV. I used Pinterest as a platform to gather these designs together. It got me thinking about how I could brand myself, as before hand I had always thought of a CV as a black and white list of things you’ve done in order to get a job.

All the design CV’s I have looked at show details that are relevant only in respect to the job they are trying to pursue, for instance for a Graphic Designer, the CV’s show experience in the field, which aspects of design they concentrate on (logo design, marketing, etc.), which software they use and how good they are at it, often displayed with a graphic.

Personal Branding Board

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 08.25.39



I really liked the design of these CV’s as they flow well, between the long layout and the bright colours they are easy to read and create an interesting way of displaying information. The design style reflects the designers and while they hold an illustrated style, they aren’t too crowded.



I liked both of these designs also as they are folded, having a folded CV would make it easier to carry around and hand out while at events or meetings, especially when the business card is inside also. It makes it unique too, where folding may be similar for some, each design would be different. I feel this creates a “package” or “packet” that encloses the information inside, waiting to come out.


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