Filthy Media – Wall Of Sound Brief Breakdown

Specialist Practise

This live brief was passed on to us via Filthy Media. They had the client fill out a questionnaire that highlights what the client is trying to achieve. This is a breakdown of the answers to the questionnaire.

Project Description

“SATV Music is a music publishing company and production music library, owned by Sky. We own a catalogue of music which is created to generate revenue from royalties on TV, film, advertising and radio.”

SATV are starting up their own “Trailer Music” label, named “Wall Of Noise”. They will be launching a new catalogue alongside the label in July 2017, it will be a specialist label which will be kept completely separate from the main label. This is to extend their growing client base, which is currently made up of Sky producers and editors and expand this new label. The catalogue will have highly focused music content specifically aimed at Film and TV trailers & promos.

“Musically the catalogue will be current, contemporary and cutting edge, with an emphasis on incredible production values and high-end sound design.”

SATV require full branding for the launch of the new label – “Wall Of Noise”.

Project Objectives

SATV feel this is a great area to expand and has a bunch of potential due to their success of representing a US trailer music label called Sonic Symphony. The 3 year deal with Sonic Symphony all run out when “Wall Of Noise” is set to launch in July 2017.

“The Wall Of Noise label will launch at this point, so we would like our clients to be excited about the launch of a new brand, rather than losing another.”


SATV have undertaken this project to produce the new label Wall Of Noise with a brand new brand identity as a solution to the deal ending.

Achievements and Atmosphere 

“We want our clients to perceive Wall Of Noise as a cool brand/label that stands out from the crowd and feels isolated from our current brand.”

“We would like to create a brand culture that is premium, slick, cool, current, consistent, solid.”

“We want to be perceived as the ‘masters of our field’.”

Target Audience

SATV have not carried out any market research but have experience from the current deal with Sonic Symphony.

“This has proven a great success, so we know there is a huge market for this type of label/catalogue.”


The target audience are defined as 21-40 as the core demographic, who are creatives – producers, editors, motion graphic designers etc – who are considered “cool”.

SATV have made a plan for expansion of the new label after launch:

“- At launch – ‘In house’ Sky producers & editors
– Short-term (1st year) – External UK trailer houses, music supervisors, editors, ad agencies
– Mid-term (+ 1 year) – Seek international representation, particularly US
– Long-term (+ 3 year) – Have existing deals in place with number of international music companies or trailer houses.”


Other companies that SATV consider as competitors to Wall Of Noise:

audiomachineAudio Machine –

sonicsymphonysonicsymphony2sonicsymphony3Sonic Symphony –

sonsofpsonsofp2sonsofp3Sons Of Pythagoras –

Extreme Music/Two Steps From Hell – (Specifically Two Steps From Hell)

Position Music – (Specifically their trailer music label)

All of these competitors have a very similar visual style, dark with none or little accompanying colour. I would assume the dark theme reflects the dramatic vibe of trailers and the cinema/movie experience itself. The little use of colour also makes it easy for the album artwork of the music to stand out.


SATV are looking to emphasise Wall of Noise as a specialist and premium quality label who are ‘masters in the field’. The slick and cool brand should have a rememberable identity that is consistent and coherent, but simultaneously be a dynamic brand that makes and adapts to trends.

“5 keywords that embody your values:

Premium, dynamic, specialist, slick, coherent”

Core Message

“To be THE premium trailer music source for producer and editors.”


Visual Reference:

3 examples of brands that hold the same tone of voice as Wall Of Noise:

Sonic Symphony –
– Essential the brand that Wall Of Noise will ultimately replace

Audio Machine –
– A high end trailer music library

Sons Of Pythagoras –
– A similar model to Wall Of Noise, where Sons Of Pythagoras are a sub-label of another company, but have an independent brand/website etc.

3 examples of brands SATV admire:

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 19.13.37extreamemusicmerchExtreme Music –
 – Whilst we often find their marketing/branding a little on the cheesy/try hard side, Extreme music undoubtedly have the strongest brand identity and are considered the market leaders in the production music industry.
– We would not want to emulate their brash/arrogant style, the solidity and consistency of the brand is a great strength.

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 19.23.58Two Steps From Hell (rep by Extreme) –
– Two Steps From Hell are Extreme Music’s specialist Trailer music label, and are also considered a market leader in this field. They have a consistent and solid brand, which has a reputation for the best in quality.

mustsavejaneseemustsavejanemustsavejanesoudMust Save Jane –
 – What we like about Must Save Jane is the scope for branding/imagery based on the comic book/superhero. It’s not something that we feel is right for our label/sound, however having a brand with potential scope is something we’re interested in.


Deep East Music –
– Deep East Music have a clean, fresh and modern brand

3 examples of brands SATV don’t admire:

dewolfeDe Wolfe Music –
– De Wolfe are one of the oldest production libraries, however their brand has not moved with the times, and feels dated.

JWJW Media –
– Brand visuals are quite garish and in your face
– Seems quite dated

focusfocus2Focus Music –
– Lacks individual style/identity.
– Brand colours are too garish.

3 logos SATV like


Born Electric

13418504_1074508565920572_2872940223046157179_oNew Noise Magazine


Shogun Audio

3 examples of brands SATV admire:

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 21.12.33SATV

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 21.16.01.pngAudiomachine

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 21.19.40
De Wolfe Music

 “- Square or round logo – The main SATV logo is rectangle and very difficult to turn to as square – which is often required in online/social media. So we feel it’s important to have a main logo that is square or circular – however an option to also include a rectangular version is something we’d be open to.

Black & White – We feel a black and white logo would give us versatility, rather than getting ‘stuck’ with a certain colour palette.

– At this stage we are unsure whether a logo actually portraying a wall of noise is doable, whilst fitting with the brand/culture we are trying to create, but something we are open to.

– This is for the launch of a new label, so there is currently no existing logo/brand identity.

– It’s important to avoid referencing the current SATV Music brand in anyway.

– We feel the current SATV logo/brand is an example of a weak logo/brand, and something we would like to avoid.”






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