Beach Scene Composition

Specialist Practise

I have composed 4 different layouts of the beach scene, the figure/s will be stationed on the beach front, in the foreground, but I feel I need to make the ice cream van prominent as it help the viewer understand whats happening. The van also incorporates the Greenall’s colours and flag, so this helps tie the imagery back to the product/company


  1. In this scene I have kept it simplistic, however I’m questioning myself on how often you actually see a van ON the beach and in this instance how to make is more involved in the scene, not just placed on top.


2. I moved the van to a higher level, adding bollards to make it realistic and so its interpreted properly. I’m worried that adding the bollards obstructs the view of the ice cream van, however, as it’s been raised, it counteracts the obstruction and draws more attention towards the van.


3. This composition is similar to number 2, but I added the town scene into the back and made the beach huts and bollards smaller but more numerous, creating a slightly better depth of field. I feel the town in the background of this deters the attention from the foreground and also doesn’t work with the rain as it makes it too busy.


4. I removed the raised level and created a path in which the van could sit in front of the beach huts. I added rain into the sky to produce a more storm atmosphere, which works well with the texture of the paper texture in the sky.

The most likely candidates for the final composition is more likely 2 and 4. I’ll have to see how the rain works in the 2nd design.



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