People Art

Specialist Practise

In order for the scenes to work I need to create characters, or at least some character styling. I know that drawing or creating people is not a strong point of mine so I looked in to a style that would be easy to draw, replicate on Illustrator and simple enough for the final designs.

My first inspiration came by chance as I logged out of Facebook, the characters Facebook use on their login page are both simple and modern, this sort of style might appear to the target audience: millennials.


The second artist I have looked at to help with the concept of many people in a scene is Lowry, he painted many industrial landscapes which had crowds of people, he developed a style where the human figures are often called ‘matchstick men’. I thought Lowry would be useful to study to help produce a simplistic form and the use of the human form in a crowd.


L. S. Lowry
VE Day


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