Greenall’s Gin Concept

Specialist Practise

I began to form a concept by researching Greenall’s products, I used the descriptions to pair the product with a perfect British scene. The Pre-Mixed cans to be paired with Punting on the River Cam in the summertime. Having an ice cream in typical bad English weather for the warming Slo Gin. The Wild Berry would be shown with a street party or Great British Bake/Cake Show. However, in the breif Greenall’s stated “We embody the classic British sense of humour: the perfect balance of being down to earth with a touch of irony.”, I wanted to play on this idea of humour, so with true British satire, each scene would have something happening that consumers would prefer to have a drink of Greenall’s Gin instead.

Beach – Someone standing in the rain having an ice cream.

Punting – A boat crash with everyone falling in.

Cake/Bake Sale – It’s windy and birds (most likely seagulls and pigeons) start to attack.



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