YCN Student Creative Briefs

Specialist Practise

After looking at the YCN briefs, I narrowed down my choices to Fedrigoni, Greenall’s Gin and UK Greetings.

I chose these briefs as not only do they interest me, I know that my skill set can be incorporated into each one. These are the essential parts of the briefs:


We’d like you to design a Christmas gift that will be handed out to key customers in goody bags at our Christmas party, to promote our Constellation range of papers.

The gift needs to be economically designed for a long run production of approximately 1500 copies.

Greenall’s Gin

We would like you to choose quintessential British moments that have lasted through time and are still relevant today, and bring this to life in a contemporary way through a piece of creative that has Greenall’s at its heart. 

UK Greetings

Imagine nipping out to the high-street, or a cool little local shop, or even the place you buy your food, and seeing your designs on display.

UK Greetings is the UK’s leading direct-to-retailer publisher, making innovative, beautiful, cutting edge and classic greeting cards and gift dressings.

We want you to develop your own collection of greeting cards and gift dressings.



After reading each brief and looking through each project pack, I was drawn to Fedrigoni so I did some extra research on the brand and previous briefs and entries. Although I liked the idea of this brief a lot, i knew that given the time frame, the work I would have produced wouldn’t have met the standard I would want it to. I was left with UK Greetings and Greenall’s Gin, out of these two I felt that I could produce work for UK Greetings fairly easily, so I challenged myself with the Greenall’s Gin brief.


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