Opposition – Apple Store

Screen Based Design

Apple Store

img_1877 img_1878 img_1879 img_1880

Herbal Book
This app is appealing to the eye, not using an overly clinical approach, but still keeping it clean. The logo clearly depicts the subject matter of the app and sets the overall tone. The naturalistic colour scheme sets a simple, yet purposeful backdrop, not being too over powering when paired with the image icons.

img_1869 img_1870 img_1871

iHomeopath Lite
The only imagery used in this app is the home screen which uses a faded image background, the main colours show minimal colours that match the image, but are just standards of old iPhones.

img_1876 img_1865 img_1866 img_1867

Natural Ayurvedic Healer Remedies
Using green as the primary colour reinforces the natural organic principles of the app itself, but too much of this can make the visual style overwhelming. The mix of serif and sans-serif typefaces are used in an inharmonious effect.


I have decided to keep the app clean and easy to navigate through, without being too plain. It will be vibrant, but with the use of a good colour scheme, not with a large range of colours. The font will be sans-serif, keeping the app modern and tying in with the overall medicinal theme. The app will be fun, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, whilst at the same time providing alternative and effective homeopathic cures.


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