Initial Idea

Screen Based Design

My initial idea for this project is to create an app that allows the user to search for an ailment and to relieve it using a herbalist recipe/cure. This app will help people who are seeking alternative relief from ailments whilst avoiding traditional medical treatment.

On the home screen will be an option to search keywords of anatomy, ailments or planst or select from the buttons with the same names. From this more boxes/buttons may come up to narrow down the search.

E.g. Ailment —> Aches & Pains —> – Low Back Pain, Arthritis, Headaches, etc.

Recipes and Plant information can be starred, adding to the users ‘Favourites’ page. The users can use this to go back to previously searched/used information.

There will also be a ‘Social’ page that will grant the users to share recipes, ask questions and discuss herbalist topics.


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