I decided to go with Idea 2, I felt I could use more the animation principles in this and create a more unique animation style. I pitched this idea to the class after digitally creating a few mock ups of a character in Illustrator, that I had drawn out in my sketch book.


This was my first intial idea, however after starting the character development and researching how to achieve certain animations, I realised that all of this would not fit into the time frame provided. So instead the cat finds a hole paws at it, falls through it and comes out the other side as a tiger.


The 12 principles of animation were created by Walt Disney animators, two of whom were Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, they are used to simulate a more ‘real’ experience for the viewers, adding substance to the 2-dimentional.

I will use anticipation before the cat falls into the hole, puts his paw and head in first.

Being both a cat and a tiger I will use Follow through and over lapping action for the tail of the character.

The characters body is quite manipulatable, but I will use arcs to help create more natural movements.


At first I wanted to use a simplistic cut out style, or maybe completely change the style when the cat changed into a tiger, but I realised how difficult this would be making all the elements and animating them separately.


I was picturing the background quite sparse or maybe even completely bare, making the character the main focus. Because of this I decided to go completely minimal and only use black and white in negative space, switching the tones to negative when the cat turns into a tiger.

Character development – sketchbook

Negatives of the first character, I have started creating the tiger character in my sketchbook, but haven’t come to a conclusive character, without


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